Next step in my life

Finally after three long years of high school, im at the final stage of school. My senior year is a year for me to grow up and prepare for the real world. Now is the time for me to decide what career i shall follow into, if im going to attend a college and where i, going to live.

As my last year in high school it is important for me to maintain good grades, show up to school, and be on my best behavior. Its time for me to begin looking into jobs or looking up information about universities. There are many jobs and universities that i can attend, but very few are the fit for me. Thats why i must begin searching this year.

A year to achieve my search may seem a long time, but its really not.I know my senior year will fly by faster than my junior year did. Its time for me to kick it into top gear if i want to be successful in anyway when i leave high school. The three years of high school have taught me so much about life and what I need to continue and im hoping senior year will teach me more about what is needed in the real world. I feel like i am ready for this final year and ready to take the challenge.



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