Another Year Down

I can’t believe it’s almost over; this school year has a day and a half left. I can remember August like it was yesterday: the first day of school, getting my class schedule, and reuniting with friends. This year has gone by so fast that it amazes me. I remember that Football practice used to last until after dark. Basketball would be over in about an hour. The difference was something that was easy to get used to; however, growing up will be harder to get used to.  I will be a junior next year and will have to grow up a lot.  I’ll be turning seventeen and will have to do more community services to be a good candidate for scholarships. My mom keeps harping on me to join more clubs if I want to get in a better college. I’ve recently joined the Student Council and Beta Club but I’ll need to join more.

This year I have made many new friends and have also lost some. I’ve been even lucky enough to get a girlfriend, too. I’ve seen a few fist fights in this school year as well as some girls pulling hair and getting ISS. But the main thing that this year has given me is wisdom. I’ve learned from my mistakes and other peoples mistakes. I’ve learned so many things and I can’t wait for next year.


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