Becoming A Senior

What does becoming a senior mean to me? To me becoming a senior is just getting closer to the “real world.” Although some may feel it’s just another year of high school to me it is the start to a journey in adult hood. I can’t wait to be top of the school. I’ve dreamed of it since freshmen year. It is all still a shock to me realizing that Friday is my last day as a Junior.

I have loved my Junior year. I regret nothing, and I would not change one thing about it. People always say Junior year is the hardest, but for me it was not hard at all.

Becoming a senior means my last high school football games, home-coming, senior prom, and graduation. It seems like yesterday that I was a freshman can’t waiting to graduate. Back then being a senior in high school seemed so far away that I never took the time to think about it or anything. Now that it’s approaching faster than ever and I wonder where the time went. They mean what they say when they say high school is the fastest four years of your life.
I can’t believe how fast the time went.

It’s sad that the seniors this years journey is over and it is sad to see them leave but it’s life. I will forever cherish the memories I have with them. Senior year I plan to focus on my grades more rather than socializing. Also I want to get out of the habit of procrastinating.;) I have no idea what to expect for the last year of high school. I look forward to see what senior year has in store for me! Class of 2014 baby! 😉


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