Almost There

What comes next now that my sophomore year in high school is almost over? We have approximately two days of school left. Luckily, I am not a senior yet and planning the rest of my life. What does that mean for me? I’m actually kind of relieved that i am not yet a senior, because I’m not exactly positive on what i want to be, better yet do after i graduate. Although, there is little time left, being a junior will give me the time i need to get ideas. I’ve always said “i cant wait to be out of high school,” and many other similar things, but now that’s it’s close to actually happening, I’m not sure if i want it anymore.  The thought of not going to school and being around the same people anymore like I’ve been doing for 10 years is actually a bit terrifying.  I think it’s the fact that next year i am going to be a junior, and that is one step away from being a senior and graduating is what really scares me.

Next year i will be beginning my junior year. There are many exciting things going on in my junior year such as: Senior pictures, class ring, prom, and Act’s. However, those are the only exciting things going on. I’ve heard that junior year, is the hardest year which makes me even more nervous than i already am.

However, it’s almost time for summer. Summer is pretty much what we count down to the closer it gets. No more getting up early in the morning, or doing work/homework, and staying up as late as we want;furthermore, we just get to have fun for two whole months. Who wouldn’t be ready for summer?


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