Growing up isn’t fun..

All my life, going to school has been a routine. Thinking how in two years i will be graduating, all my life I’ve been making friends just because of school. Without school, I wouldn’t have as many friends as i have today. School is a place to learn and socialize. Some days are fun and some are terrible. In two years, i will be graduating Forrest. It will be weird waking up and not having to go to school. I will have to get a job and get my own house and live on my own. To me, it means that i will have to be working every day so i can afford to live in my own house. I am going to miss school when i graduate for sure. I will hate not going to school and having to work every day of the week.

There are so many memories that i will remember my whole life that i made at school. I am growing up and i wish i wouldn’t so fast. I will have to grow up and learn how to do everything myself. My mom won’t be there to pick up after me and to help my out with stuff every day. Graduating means that i am gonna have to grow up and live in the real world and learn how to do things my own way.

Junior year, it is indeed the hardest year of high school. You learn many new things. You will have tons of homework. Junior year is really just to let you know how becoming an adult is gonna be. You will complain because of all the work you have to do and the teachers won’t baby you like they have in the past. Junior year is gonna be here before i know it. I am gonna have to pay good attention and do all of the homework assigned. Hopefully Junior year will fly by and Senior year will be here fast.

All of the complaining from high school students about how bad the work is and how much they hate school, in the end, the ones who said they hated school and the ones who were complaining, will end up regretting not paying attention during class. They will also miss high school and wish they could go back instead of working every day.


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