My Two Main Hobbies..

A hobby is something that entertains you the most. My two main hobbies are riding four wheelers and deer hunting. I do both of these activities every chance i get.

Riding four wheelers is something i do almost everyday. Ive been riding four wheelers since i was about 6 years old, and i also had my own four wheeler at that time too. When i ride four wheelers, we mainly ride for just fun. We don’t do any serious riding or anything. We mostly go down to the mudhole or just ride on our  own land. Mudding is really fun especially when your riding the four wheeler. We also take our wheelers for the weekend whenever we go hunting because that is the only way we have around the woods.

Deer hunting is something i love a lot!I deer hunt every chance i get. When we go hunting we simply just hunt for the fun of it. We dont hunt just because we want kill the wildlife. Whenever we kill a deer, we always get it processed so we are able to eat the deer meat because it is really good! If youve never had deer meat, you should definitely try it!

In conclusion, deer hunting and riding four wheelers are two very fun things to do!



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