Bow Hunting…A great hobby

bow_huntingPeople can choose many different things for a hobby, they can be anything one enjoys. I belive that everyone needs one, because it is something that keeps you busy and most of the time its something you love to do. My hobby is bow hunting, I am fairly new at this sport but i have been around it all my life and it has always amazed me. When i first began I was terrible at it but as time goes on I keep getting better and better.

There are many things one might think about before he or she decides to go out in the woods and attempt to shoot a animal. One must spend countless backyard hours in a extreme practice session to become good enough to hunt properly. Practice is so important because if your not a very good shot it becomes very difficult to hit the target you think your aiming at. If you do get lucky and hit the animal more than likely you will make a bad shot and wound the animal and as a hunter you never want to make the animal suffer anymore than it has to. Besides if you do make a good shot the animal wont run as far and it wont take you as long to find it, see you win all the way around.


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