Tim Tebow:[


Poor Tim Tebow, first he was told he wasn’t going to be a quarterback in the NFL, and now he is unemployed. Tebow is one of the most prolific college quarterbacks of all time and has been scrutinized for his faith rather than his playing ability. Peyton Manning may very well have ended Tim Tebows career in the NFL. When the Broncos signed Manning they knew they could not keep Tebow who is the most popular sports figure in the US because of his public profession of faith. They might as well have nailed the coffin in Tebows career in the NFL they sent him out of all teams to the New York Jets the biggest joke in the NFL. The Broncos saw this and nailed to birds with one stone. They got a good quarterback and tried to end Tebows career, and get Rex Ryan fired because no one likes listening to him anyway. They said if we send Tebow there he will not have any chance to be successful and he will take the franchise down with him.

So after a year of terror Tebow is release from the wrath of  Hades himself  Timothy is unemployed with few suitors the Denver Broncos should be banned from the NFL they had every intention of ending the career of  Tebow and knew he would fail in NY they are cheap and the front office should be banned these are cheap unsporting tactics that may have ended a hardworking humble mans career


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