Could You Make It?

At the anechoic chamber at Orfield Laboratories in Minnesota, there is a room where it mutes all sound. The accurate percent of how much sound it conducts is 99.99%. Some people would think this is joyful; to be somewhere peace and quiet where they can just think. After awhile though, only hearing your own voice, no other sound that proves there is life around you.. Dont you think you would get a little crazy?

The walls of the chamber are lined with sound-absorbing baffles, which means there is no sound. but your own voice when and if you speak. No outside noises will be heard. Only what you do and say in the room is what you hear. 

Researchers state that this room tends to hold something so much more dangerous than expected. It messes with your brain suppposedly. Not being able to hear any sort of noise is just creepy if you really think about it. Were so used to hearing some sort of sound whether its a cricket to a semi truck; we are always listening to everything around us. If you cant hear anything, what do you have to listen to? It says you’ll start to listen to your own heartbeat at a greatly amplified volume. Eventually you will start to hullicinate.

The longest anyone has lasted in this room is 45 minutes…


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