The End Of The World

evilPeople have many different ideas on how we are going to die.  Some believe that we are just going to age and die off at a slow place, but there are others that think we are going to die rather differently. There are many possible ways that we could die, ideas ranging from animal attacking people to aliens attacking the world. From a personal standpoint I believe that the squirrel population while grow vastly out of control, to the point that they will be completely invincible and will basically rule the world! There are also people like myself that do everything in their power to keep this from happening, we do this by hunting them. Animal lovers might think this is horrible to kill sweet little furry animals but we do it not to be mean but to save ourselves and they are actually pretty tasty. These squirrels are not your average everyday sweet furry animal, but they are a fury on four legs! They are normally extremely active during the day but I believe that they will change their sleeping habits to gain an edge on the humans. I think that they are going to sneak through are windows during the long dark hours of the night and slowly drink all of our blood and then have a feast on our corps when they have drunk us dry! This might sound far-fetched to some but for me its a reality.


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