The True Test of Friendship

It all began when one day my bestfriend and I had gotten in an argument because of her friend Shae.

Shae had been  causing alot of problems between Cali and I lately. It began to get worse. One day at break in the gym i asked Cali, ” Can I looik at your pictures?”, she replied reluctantly, “sure.” As i was going through her pictures Shae had texted her, so like any other time, i checked the message. Then i started to look at recent messages amd i glanced at a certain one that had my name in it, before i could read it she snatched it right out of my hand. I just knew something was up. So i asked, “Are you trying to hide something ?”, she replied “It’s none of your buisness!”. Of course it made me mad and we started arguing , Then a bunch of hurtful things were said and before it got even worse i had to walk away.


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