My Plan

The day was very beautiful, extremely warm and sunny. I had gone to school and all that was going through my mind was the plans i had made for the afternoon. I had decided my destiny for the for the day; therefore, no one could stop me. I had decided that i was going to come home, eat a snack, go to sleep for around half an hour, then go get prepaid for the best day of fishing in the world. I had made it through the school day and when the final bell rang i hit the door running! I pounced in my truck and quickly made it home only to be greeted by a massive list of chores, to be completely honest I had no intention of doing them. My plans were to wait until my parents left and simply leave. My plans were just about to come together until my mother looked at me in extreme discomfort and left to go to the hospital. My view on these “stupid” chores change completely, I decided i was going to do whatever I could to help my mother through her rough times.


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