I Did it for HER

Well my girlfriend was at her dad’s this summer but she was texting other guys. But I asked her about it and she denied it. Well I let it go but it ate me away knowing she wasn’t only loving me. I kept asking her and she got mad at me and broke up with me. We still texted all summer but I realized that I had to give up my jealousy if I wanted her back.

When she came back from her dad’s she didn’t even acknowledge me any more until six months later when we had a class together. We started talking more during class and flame of our love reignited and we got back together. We dated happily until we both graduated. I decided that I loved her and I asked her to marry me. She gratefully said yes and was wondering when I would ask. I realized that I had to put her ahead of myself to make this work. We lived happily and eventually had three children. We had a peaceful life and died at the age of 75.

In the afterlife we parted ways as spirits. But 3,000 years later we crossed paths and hit it off again. We talked and laughed about our travels and stories. We then stayed together forever.


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