A True Friendship

Kara and I had been best friends since our fifth grade year, which was six years ago. Six years are a very long time to have a best friend that you stay really close to and talk to every single day.

Unfortunately, a few months ago Kara and I had gotten into a pretty big fight. It all started one day when i got a text message from her saying, “Did you tell Sarah what I told you yesterday?” I replied, “No, I promised I wouldn’t tell anyone.” She continued to send me mean texts and accuse me of telling, and i continued to tell her that i hadn’t told anyone over and over again. She even brought her boyfriend into it and got him to send me some pretty rude texts. I told him the same as i told her, that i hadn’t told anyone at all. They both continued not to believe me.

A few days went by and me and Kara hadn’t talked to each other one bit. One night when i was trying to sleep I started thinking about how long me and Kara had been friends and how dumb it would be to let a friendship of six years end over that. So I picked up my phone and sent her a very long message telling her how I felt about the situation, and that I really did not tell her secret. She replied saying how sorry she was for blaming me and how she realized how dumb it was, also. After that I went to sleep relieved. The next day when we saw each other st school she came up to me and apologized in person and said she hoped I’d still be her best friend. I told her I would and we carried on just like we had for the past six years.


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