Car Decisions

When you finally decide to purchase a car there are a lot of underlining things you must consider. The car dealer will say just about anything to get you to buy the car where they make the most money as possible. But, if you find the right dealership, with the right people who will not get as much of your money as possible, you can drive off the dealership in a really nice car or truck. Delivery charges, titling fees, and other closing costs are inevitable extras associated with buying a new car. But aside from a few essential add-ons, most fees or extra-cost items are inflated or altogether unnecessary. Negotiate fees down, or outright refuse to pay them. And deny any extras offered by the finance and insurance manager. Basically, if it’s anything he offers you after you’ve negotiated your sales price, you don’t need it and you shouldn’t pay for it. Particularly egregious are paint and fabric protection— essentially wax and Scotchgard that dealerships often charge hundreds of dollars for.

2007 Nissan 350Z EnthusiastA really good car to consider is the Nissan 350z. I have owned a 350z before but due to often injuries to my ankle i had to purchase a different vehicle. I greatly enjoyed my first car and never had any troubles with the one i had. But, it doesn’t really matter how good the car if you cant find the right dealer. The dealer makes or breaks the deal. A good dealership that really connects you to your new car and themselves is the Car Gurus, they understand the economics situations, and give you the best deal possible. the car above was a car i found on Carmax for around 20,000 and on Car Gurus the same year you can get a convertible for less money… when you get a car you should really do lots of research…


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