Finding the Right Dealership is Important

Finding the right car for the right price can be very difficult sometimes. You have to know which websites to look at. This is a comparison of two similar cars on two different websites.

camarocamaro 2

The car on the left was found on for only $23,599 while the car on the right was found on for $99,975. The two cars are very similar, but their prices vary greatly.

The red car has around five thousand miles on it, a manual 6 speed transmission, and is a two wheel drive.It has a red exterior and a black interior. It is a very nice car that is for sale in Atlanta, Georgia.The black car has all of the same things except it has a black exterior, and it only has three-hundred and thirty five miles in it. The two cars should be around the same price, but they aren’t.

The price of your dream car can sometimes just depend on where you find it. Always make sure to check multiple sources before making a decision on which car to buy.

This article is not an advertisement for any car dealership. Rather, this is information found by my own research on a car that i would like to own.


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