What’s going on in the world?

Why is there so many harmful things happening in the world? t there have been many similar incidents going on in the world. Such as: Boston Marathon, Sandy Hook shooting, and the Batman movie premiere shooting. If you havent noticed yet, all of these incidents are happening in public. Before these things happened, some people came to the conclusion that being in public was more safe than being at your own home. If you’re out in public with a huge amount of people around you, you think nobody would do anything because too many witnesses. Well, now people are scared to let their children go to the movies, better yet, school! Do you realize how horrible that sounds? People are scared to go participate in a public activity, because they’re scared of what could possibly happen.

The people doing these actions are not thinking about the consequences. There are numerous innocent people being severely hurt or killed. What if we were I one of those positions? What if that would have been us?

Here are a few photos that were taken from the recent incidents.

The blasts left an indelible image on the Boston Marathon, which will likely be forerver changed by Monday's tragedy.

This is a picture from the Boston Marathon.

This is from the Batman premiere shooting in Colorado.


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