The Power of Evil…Or?

One of the most detrimental things in the world today is the unstoppable and recurring event of not only the killing of innocent human beings, but the mass killings of these individuals for causes that are sometimes unkown but of the ones that are known are not even morally relevent enough to be notable. These “occurrences” which is what they are seemingly, really aren’t. They are in actuality very immature actions that are motivated by even more immature and immorally sound actions and decisions made prior to. Anything that leads to something near murder can not be said to be driven by “evil” intentions, yet by poor decisions that is a result of the particular individuals up-bringing and influences throughout their lives. I mean, think about it, can a baby cause a tragic mass murder without any assistance? Of course not? But after many years of being beat by their parents or picked on as a kid can permamently emplant a “quick fuse” in the emotional part of the brain called the hippocampus

which can create a “defect” in their brain over many years and create a “monster” per se. These are the individuals that we should watch not because they are evil, but because of something that certainly went wrong throughout their lives that, to some people, are signs of an “evil spirit” or something “evil within that person.” Point is: happy people dont go on mass murders, but when something happens to defect an utterly important part of the emotional brain, that is when mass murders happen. What we do as humans every single day is DIRECTLY linked to our brain…how could it not be?


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