Influencial Morals

What determines whether a person is committing a right or wrong decision? What deems a person to be right or wrong? What laws state that we can or can’t do anything we believe to be right? What truly defines who a person is? Simple: morals.

According to, the definition or morals is “of, or pertaining to, the distinction of right or wrong. But morals is nothing without first being taught them. Every person, no matter what gender, race, or culture, is influence, whether it be by family, role models, friends, it’s by somebody the individual looks up to. Most of the times, if you ask a 5 year old boy what he wants to be when he grows up, the answer will be “I wanna grow up to be JUST like my daddy!” But why?

Parents are always the first influencer on their child’s life. Then the children go to preschool, church, somewhere else outside of their parents’ hands. It’s there that the children get OTHER influences. A child gets friends who have been influenced by other parents, religions, news feeds. They most likely will share opinions, things they’ve both been taught, and, in turn, influence each other. No one person is the EXACT same as another, because no two people have the exact copy of another’s morals. Every DNA of a person is different. DNA determines morals, along with influences. The brain, soul, and “heart” of a person ARE the individual.

So what is right and what is wrong? Who sets the standards and where do they come up with them? What actions are “good” or “bad?” The determination is not set in stone, but rather based on an individual’s surroundings, life experiences, desires, DNA, influences, and the people in their lives. So to each his own in his beliefs, religion, maturity level, and morals.


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