G’Day, Rocky

The spirit of competition is apparent in most animals, not quite missing humans, or even kangaroos.

But Zach, didn’t you just post about kangaroos?220px--_fighting_red_kangaroos_1

Maybe so, wanna “fight” about it? You’ll see why I referenced that shortly.

Kangaroos have been looked at as great boxers for many years, proven to be a much more worthy opponent than most humans. How did we figure that out? Well, it turns out a few friends had a little too much too drink and one decided that he could defeat a kangaroo in battle. Obviously, he failed, miserably. But that doesn’t stop people today. Many people look at Kangaroo Boxing as a sport, with leagues and even carnival acts, with a kangaroo icon named Rocky, similar to American Boxing icon Rocky Balboa.

However, as with any abuse toward animals, there has been police interference stating that it is wrong, and many backers of that. in many countries it has already been made illegal to kangaroo box. Although, most people would stand a chance anyways, considering these mammals are practically built to fight and protect, as stated in my last post, which is titled ““…Roo Has A Little Surprise For You.” (Kanga, The Many Adventures of Winnie The Pooh)

250px-Boxingkangaroo.svgA big technique used by kangaroos is practically all in their legs. they may wrap their “arms” around it’s victim and kick violently with its super feet using the claws to scratch or even disembowel the opponent. If you ever get the urge to pick a fight with a boxing kangaroo, perhaps you should think twice and settle for a stuffed hippo doll.

This all just proves the competitiveness between animals such as kangaroos and humans.


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