In For the Money

Americans love their food. We constantly eat, whether it’s to satisfy hunger or simply because we’re bored and need something to do. When it comes to food, Americans have a stereotypical genre of food that they like. Such as bacon and cheeseburgers. What better combination than the two?

Calories and Nutrition Facts Label for Wendy's Baconator Triple - Fat, Carbohydrate, Protein, Fiber Points, Vitamins and MineralsWendy’s has the Baconator! A cheeseburger stacked as a single, double or triple, covered with three pieces of bacon on every level. Is this a healthy choice? The thing stands about five inches even after being compressed together. How can this be healthy? How can a food service sell this and be alright with it? Money. Simple as that. How can someone be okay with feeding a person 1330/2000 of the daily suggested daily calorie diet without their conscience being affected? Because when a person invents something to be used to get money, their conscience focuses on the profit rather than the actual effect of the product.

Granted, Wendy’s is not the only restaurant who does this. McDonald’s has the Big Mac, Burger King has the Triple Whopper Hardee’s has the Thickburger. They all have their signature “calories,” if you would, simply for the money. Being a crew member at Wendy’s we even joke about how big the Triple is. In no way am I beating up on the restaurants, I’ve had my fair share of their foods. People should see the bigger picture of it than just going in and purchasing food on-the-go, and that’s that fast food restaurants are simply in it for their profits rather than the actual health of the customers.


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