Dogs Vs. Humans

Most dog owners treat their dog like a human, because we see them as a little human. The biggest mistake we can make is treating them better than we treat ourselves.


1. Fighting- Dogs fight defensivly if they’re protecting someone,using defense or protecting their food from other animals. Humans usually fight because their  using self defense, or protecting something thats theirs.

2. Care and attention- Dogs need caring owners that will give them attention. They need attention because if they didn’t they’d fall back on instinctual behaviors like those of wild dogs. Humans need attention too, because if they didn’t they could become depressed, and it can cause behavioral problems

3. Personality- Dogs have many personalities. That can go from be daring and hardworking to being lazy and a coward. Humans have the same trait. It’s like having everything done for you, unlike someone who does everything for themselves.


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