Wolves Similar to humans?

There are studies across the world about the realities of human nature and of the way the brain works in response to certain events and occurrences and in relation to other human beings. Most of us forget something else that lives with us on this planet: animals! Many animals exhibit human characteristics in one way or another, but particularly wolves display some of the most fascinating and surprising characteristics of humans.

1.) Wolves care for their young very closely, making sure they are always safe.

      It is scientifically proven that wolves are very particular about their offspring and will fight at the first sign of something interferring with it.

2.) They can be barbaric and Savage.

     Like most humans, wolves can and will show the side of them that is similar to cavemen. These characteristics help mainly with survival quoting the phrase “survival of the fittest” and with the instinct to kill prey in order for a daily meal.

3.) The can work together as a team.

    Almost all of wolves travel in packs and work together to conquer their pray for food. This shows the similar ability to work together as a team that many humans possess as well as deal with the varying interactions of personality between one another.

4.) They can enj0y each other at times.

   Just like humans try their darndest to enjoy themselves, wolves can enjoy one another’s company and, contrary to popular belief, can enjoy the sense of love and joy for each other without others intervening.


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