What monkeys have in common with humans.

Monkeys have numerous things in common. They’re the only animal that has many similarities with humans.

1. Share 99% of the same DNA. However they have 48 chromosomes, two more than us. Scientists believe that two chromosomes emergened into one.

2. Monkeys have similar brains to humans;however, not only that but intelligent also. Humans intelligence just varies more than them obviously. Humans brains are much more wrinklier than a monkeys, but thats irrelevant. Monkeys brain look somewhat like ours, but our brain gives us more logical thought due to other reasons.

    Chimp-Human Brain    

3. Sociability- Monkeys are socializing a majorite of the time, much like humans are. We are always socializing; such as, school, work, home, etc. They show affection to family members, mates, or friends. They increase friendships by grooming eachother, which ours is in talking to eachother.

4. Facial expressions and gestures- Monkeys use facial expressions, just like we do. When we smile, its obvious were happy, or when we shrug our sholders, we don’t care about the situation going on around us. Monkeys do the same exact thing. Although when monkeys smile, its there sign of anger.

To read more about the similarities between humans and monkeys go to www.listverse.com.


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