“…Roo Has A Little Surprise For You.” (Kanga, The Many Adventures of Winnie The Pooh)

Winnie-the-Pooh-Kanga-and-Roo-Wallpaper-disney-6616231-1024-768No, this post isn’t about Winnie the Pooh, although how awesome would that be?

Of course, there are surprises from any animal, but what about the kangaroo? There are many obvious differences between the human and the kangaroo, but it’s pretty interesting how they they are similar, not just physically, but metaphorically.

-They Are Peaceful-

   Kangaroos, like most humans, are generally peaceful animals, unless provoked. They live together in mobs and protect each other. They will not hurt you unless you ask for it.

-They Are Family Oriented-

Kangaroos take a high pride in their families. Mothers are very protective while the fathers will take it upon themselves to go out and relieve the dangers. This definitely shares a strong resemblance to us humans (assuming that’s what you are reading this). Kangaroos generally have three babies at the same time.

-They Are Headstrong-

We see all the time in the movies, the big hero, or even villain, just will not give up and will go at it until the very end. This is also true in kangaroos, perhaps even more so. Kangaroos have been known to drag themselves after being seriously wounded when a kill-shot is not completed until they are dead, rather than waiting. This is more than likely due to their strong ties with their families.

-They Are Problem-Solvers-

Humans are renowned (by humans) for our incredible ability to see a problem and try to solve it. Who’d guess a kangaroo would share that ability? There have been cases reported of kangaroos digging holes or wells about three or four feet deep during droughts, usually resulting in a water source for animals later. Problem? Solved.red-kangaroo

-They Can’t Walk Backwards-

What? We can walk backwards, can’t we? Not what I mean. On the Australian coat of arms, the kangaroo is used to represent the nation’s moving forward, rather than backwards. This can also be represented using the phrase “Hakuna Matata,” don’t look back, and keep moving forward, these are all metaphors for people today and people of the future.


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