How Animals Can Be Similar To Humans

Surprisingly, animals can have many similarities with us humans. They can have the same emotions, traits, and characteristics as us. Cats and kittens are the animals that caught my interest the most. They have many things in common with us. They share many of our characteristics in many ways.

img 10

1. Kittens Meow To Get Things Like Human Babies

Much like babies, cats tend to meow, or cry, when they need or want something. When cats are hungry, wanting to play, need attention, or need you to clean up their poopy mess, they definitely use their voices to make it known.

curious cat, a beautiful cat

2. They Are Very Curious

Cats are very interested in the things around them. They will slowly just roam around and climb into anything that they are interested in knowing about. This could be bad in some situation. For example, if they are interested in what’s in the trashcan they will get in and it could result in a trashy room!

cute ^^,

3. Body Language

Like us humans, cats can show their emotions through body language. If their tail is a certain way you can tell if they’re happy, sad, scared, and much more. They also use their ears as an indicator to tell what emotion they are feeling.


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