Dolphin Like Humans

For years it has been disputed weither monkeys or dolphin are more closly related to humans mentally wise. Scientist have done many observation to decide which is more mentally compatibale to humans. When it comes to mental comparison dolphin are very similiar to humans.

1. Dolphins hang out in “cliques”.

  • Dolphins, similair to a high school teenager, hang out in “cliques” . If you was to take a trip to a high school you will realize that the majority of high schoolers are in groups of friends or family members. If you take a trip to the ocean and you were lucky enough to see a dolphin you will notice that the dolphin is in a group or “clique”.

2. Hunting for prey.

  • It has been seen that dolphin use a sponge on there nose as a weapon when hunting for fish, which is very similar to a human using a gun.

3. Emotional

  • Every human show some type of emotion. Like anger, sadness, and even happiness. From observation it has been noticed that dolphins show there emotions by the way they swim and sound.

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