An elephants grief.

Humans are often thought of as the only living beings that can feel emotions, well what about elephants? They are strong, kind, and caring animals, who feel emotions as much as we do. They grieve,much like humans do.  While most animals will leave behind a weak or dying member of their herd or pack, elephants will stay with their injured comrade until they get better or die. They may move on eventually, but upon walking up to a skeleton of their species, they will stop to pay respect to their fallen brethren. Very few animals feel this sense of loss and mourning like elephants do. they have such a wide capacity for feeling grief its almost human, which is surprising. Elephants will actually bury their dead family members, much like humans do, and will visit them years later, often staying for days. The bonds between a family of elephants is very strong, because they live for the same amount of time as humans, which is 70-80 years, so when a member of the family dies, the tragedy strikes the whole herd hard. Elephants are as capable of emotions as humans, feeling grief just as strong as them.


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