Spring Turkey Hunting

There are many tips that could be help full when it comes to spring turkey hunting. Turkeys are very smart animals, and they are able to see well at extremely far distances. People often underestimate the ability of the turkey, but they don’t know juststrutting turkey how wrong they are.

calling is a major aspect of hunting turkeys, but you must know when and how to do it! “To much calling first light can hang a tom on his limb as he waits for the “hot” hen to walk beneath his roost tree”. While calling is very important if you don’t sound like a real turkey then your calling is a waist of time.

While your calling it can be help full to have decoys. The decoys make it look like there is really a turkey making the calls that you’re actually making. Most of the time decoys can be extremely help full, but there are always those “special” times where the tom spots your decoys and hangs up, meaning he wont come in and is waiting for the hen to come to him. “If the turkey wont come in to your calling, try letting the decoys do the talking for you. just set up two or more decoys up in a open area and wait”.


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