Public Radio

      Public radio was first succesful in 1878 by David E. Hughes. He was the first to send out and recieve radio waves when he noticed that it made noise in the reciever of his telephone. Radio was the most popular thing before television cam along around the late 1920’s.oldradios-24

     public radio these days plays everything from rock and roll to pop culture music. There are over 14,000 radio stations in the United States today all playing different kinds of music. The main source of radio to an average person would be in the car. People will listen to the radio when going on long trips or heading to work. Most radio stations will play early morning talk shows that talk about new events to politics. Radio is slowly losing it popularity to audio devices such as iphones or ipods. People use these divices to be able to listen to music instantly on apps such as itunes.     oldradios-61

  Listening to the radio has a much better effect mentally on people than television does. Studies show that radio actually makes you happier and gives some people higher energy levels rather than sitting and  watching television for a few hours. Radio can help lift emotions and make people happier and it doesn’t involve someone sitting on a couch or chair for hours looking at a screen.


One thought on “Public Radio

  1. You’re restating McLuhan’s theory about “hot” and “cold” media. I don’t buy it entirely. Some people drive straight into other cars head-on because they are enraptured by “their favorite song”. Some people learn to be professional writers by studying TV programs, especially now that radio doesn’t offer much original story programming. Also, you’re a bit off on the date for TV. Though there were experimental and limited audience broadcasts since the 20s, there were no networks or widespread broadcasting until after WW2 in the US, and in Europe few had TVs until the 1950s. Still, I’m happy to read anyone trying to write thoughtfully about radio.

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