Crumbling Under Pressure?

Touring constantly, being on the road for years, paparazzi yelling and taking pictures, seeing friends and family sparingly, and fans screaming your name every second? This is what Justin Bieber deals with on a day-to-day basis. At just nineteen, he has taken the world by storm. His life is extaordinary than most. He travels to many countries, performed for millions of fans, and constantly being pulled in different directions. His career has been non-stop since the age of fifteen. People hold many expectations of him and under this much pressure could make anyone just have a meltdown.

Many are speculating he will hit rock bottom. Earlier this year, he had a dramatic split with ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez, strange behavior, (such as wearing gas masks) i.e. He has been lashing out with paps using foul profanity, and getting caught with illegal substances. Most are ready to see his downfall and count him out, but there is quite of alot of redemption left in there. Becoming a young adult and being the most famous person in the world would put a strain on anyone. We can hope that he won’t turn out as other mega stars such as Elvis and Michael Jackson that lived such a fast-paced life and ended up losing themselves. So far, he has done what most haven’t acheived so young in the music industry. As we can famously quote him as saying all we can do is “BELIEVE” in him and his future to come.


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