Baseball is Back


Baseball is known as America’s pass time, and it is one of the most popular sports in the whole world. Last season ended with the San Francisco Giants coming out on top and winning the World Series. The clubs got a much needed off season, but are now back on the grind. It started with spring training in the months before the season, and now it’s all up for grabs as each team competes to be the best this year.

The Major League Baseball season officially started on Sunday, March 31st. It kicked off with a Sunday night game between the Rangers and the Astros. For most teams, their season started the next day on April 1st. It’s obvious that all of the teams want to start with a win, but for some it just didn’t happen. The Houston Astros started off the season right by defeating the Texas Rangers 8-2 on opening day, however the most popular story was probably that of Yu Darvish’s almost perfect game the very next day. Darvish is a pitcher for the Texas Rangers and was one out away from throwing a perfect game against the Astros when Marwin Gonzalez hit a ground ball up the middle in the bottom of the 9th inning. Despite giving up a hit, it was still a very good way to start the season for Darvish.


This season has already had some amazing moments, and will have many more before it’s over with. Each team will compete and try as hard as the can to win and succeed in every way possible.


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