Escherichia Coli- Be Aware!

When it comes to eating food from grocery stores or fast food restaurants, the first thing that comes to your mind is not if the food is acceptable to eat or not. You’re just ready to fill your stomach with what you think is tasteful food. Little did you know that your food could very well be contaminated with a bacteria named Escherichia Coli, better known as, E. Coli.

Retrieved from: (Link To)E. Coli has become a very controversal issue lately. E. Coli is a bateria found in the lower intestine, most cases are usually controllable and easy to get rid of, but some can cause serious cases of food poisoning. Once you have become infected with E. coli, it cannot be treated with antibiotics. If you have the bacteria inside you it’s important to stay hydrated. When people run resaturants, grocery stores, or fast food bussniesses they by law have to keep their frozen foods at a certain temperature and can only have it in their freezer for a certain amount of time. If these regulations are not met, then  the food could very easily become contaminated with E. Coli. If substances become contaminated and many people get sick from the product then it will become discontinued, like many foods have been in the past. People who run food businesses need to be extra careful and make sure to take all precautions so their food doesn’t become contaminated with E. Coli or any other harmful bacterias that could make people become ill.


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