Controlled E. Coli is Good E. Coli

According to NBC news, Rich Products Corp. has recalled 192,222 pounds of Farm Rich products. This is a safe decison for many reasons but the one that stands above all is the fact that E. coli has very high risk of harm when combined with food. There are six strains that scientist have investigated and somewhat understand. Many cause vomiting, diarrhea, and dysentery. In some cases, the bacteria may cause kidney failure and even death, said by Christine Buckley. Medical News Today states that E. coli has many beneficial functions for humans and other animals. They produce the vitamin K2. They also prevent harmful bacteria, such as pathogenic bacteria, from establishing themselves in the intestine.

E. coli may be understood as a nightmare to some, but it is also a part of our everyday lives when we eat and stay healthy. E. coli can be harmful if it is not controlled, or if it slips into some food that is not taken care of properly. In order to stay healthy on our part, would be to wash our hands before and after we eat. It may sound ridiculous to do so but you honestly never know when E. coli is on the handle to your door or the button you press when ordering sonic food. Maybe taking 5 minutes to wash your hands could save your community from having E. coli spread around it.


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