When E. coli Attacks

Every day, people are at risk of dangers such as disease and injury, physical or psychological. Even simply going out to dinner, or making it yourself, can put you at risk of some very… undesirable outcomes. One of the greatest of these is the infamous E. coli, a bacterium found in humans and animals, ranging from harmless to even deadly forms. Imagine eating mozzarella bites, mini quesadillas, or pizza slices with your family, and all of a sudden, you’ve all been infected with bloody diarrhea.Farm_Rich_Recall_040113

There are many ways to battle the E. coli bacteria, some methods being more effective than others. Most companies attempt to recall any products that may contain E. coli or any other cause of food poisoning, but at that point, it’s already too late. People have already been affected. However, by washing your hands well before and after handling food, using the bathroom, and handling dirty diapers, washing your foods and utensils, keep your food the proper temperature (out of the danger zone, [40°F to 140°F]), and so on and so forth. Be safe and eat smart!



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