In today’s society many people blow things way out of proportion in many different ways. The situation could be so unimportant, yet be on the 5 o’clock news that evening. There are a countless amount of examples of people overreacting, but there is one that caught my eye the most: a little boy with a pop tart gun.

A seven-year old boy was suspended from school for chewing an off brand pop tart pastry into a gun, then pointing in it the air and saying “Bang, bang!”. He says it was supposed to have been in the shape of a mountain, but it looked more like a gun, according to an interview from the seven-year old. The boy’s father found it completely ridiculous that his son was getting suspended for two days over a pop tart. He told his son that he was not in trouble at home, but tried to explain why the school found it as a threat, but being so young, the seven-year old boy couldn’t really grasp it. The little boy was just ready to be back in school with his friends and says he would  never bite his pop tart into a gun again.

As you can tell, people will overreact about pretty much anything. Even as simple as a seven year old using his imagination! This situation was a very good example of a ridiculous overreaction. People just need to take a step back sometimes and make sure that what they overreact about isn’t something that doesn’t even matter.


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