Misconseptions On Asexuality

We’re  not talking about starfish or sponges here (that’s reproduction). We’re talking about orientation. You know like heterosexuals, homosexuals, bisexuals, polysexuals, and pansexuals. What’s the most uncommon one? Asexual.
Being asexual (aka being an ace) is where someone feels no attraction to any gender. That’s it. An ace isn’t a robot; he or she has feelings and can love. There is just no physical feeling involved. So how does an ace express his or her feelings? Asexuals express themselves the same way you do. They hug, hold hands, write cheesy poems, and kiss just like you do. The only difference is that it’s strictly emotional as to why an ace will do something as such for his or her partner.
Emotional ties are what bind people together in the first place. This is how an asexual finds a partner instead of just finding someone attractive and going from there like the other sexualities (not that there’s anything wrong with that). Generally speaking, an ace will build a friendship first before asking someone out on a date. From there, the relationship grows like anyone else’s with their partners. The latter being that  someone else asks the ace, and it then it carries on.
An asexual’s partner will depend on his or her romantics. What that means is who that ace will date. The categories are applied like the sexualities: heteromantic, homoromantic, biromantic, and so on. For example, an ace who is homoromantic will only date his or her gender. An ace who is aromantic won’t date anyone. Although this is more by choice, it could be because that’s just how you were raised or how you feel.
From personal experience, I found out about asexuality because of curiosity. At first I thought I was bisexual because I didn’t think there was anything wrong with dating either gender. However, I noticed something was different about me from my friends. At a football game they were saying that certain people were very attractive like some of the cheerleaders or the players themselves. I was wondering what was so special about those people because they just appeared like anyone else to me. At first I just thought I was really picky about who I was attracted to, but I realized that couldn’t be what it was. It’s there or it isn’t, right?
This is what lead me to look up the sexualities to see if I was even what I thought I was. It turned out that I shared many common characteristics with asexuality. I did some more research on it and saw that it was an almost perfect description as to how I felt about people. Just because an asexual feels no attraction, it doesn’t mean we can’t love or feel anything. It also doesn’t mean that we’re snobs. All it is, is a little misconception.

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