Music and Its Power

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaThere is something that has the power to influence many aspects of your life, such as: work ethic and mood. This is not some new technology, in fact, its been around for centuries. This thing is music.

potatoScientists did a study in the -90s which showed that music helps you retain information while studying. The best music for this is classical. I especially find it useful when studying for a
subject that you don’t like. Music has also been known to influence people’s mood, depending on tempo, style, and chord progression. A song that is up-beat with mostly major chords tends to make people happier. On the other hand, a slow song with minor chords sounds darker and more depressing. I know that when I’m cleaning my room I do it faster and better when I have some up-beat music playing.

Music is one of our greatest gifts. It is capable of doing so much, which is why I’ve fallen in love with it.


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