Hatsune Miku

We’ve all enjoyed melodious music at some point in our lives. We enjoy the singer just as much as the music itself. But we begin to judge songs when we discover that someone uses technology to entirely alter his or her voice. Sometimes we are even disappointed at a live performance, but what if it was never human to begin with?

Hatsune Miku is such a case. She is a voice synthesizer application in humanoid form. Ironically enough, she does have biographical information. Miku’s height is 5’2 or 158 cm, her weight is 92.4 lbs or 42 kg, and she is sixteen. Her words are created by the program called Vocaloid. The program takes voice samples, Miku’s being from Saki Fujita, at a controlled tone, and then they can be used to create words and phrases by altering phonics, vibrato, and stress on syllables. Some of Miku’s songs are Bad Apple, Love is War, and World is Mine.

Crypton Future Media didn’t stop at just creating songs. They made performances for Miku live. She appears as a hologram onstage during a performance to dance as well as sing. Her bandmates are real people playing instruments, but because her data for singing and dancing is already made in advance, there is no need for anyone to fret or worry about forgetting lines or falling offstage at a concert. This offers an almost bullet-proof solution for the performances unless there is a power outage.

Originally, she was just a mascot for Crypton, who was already in the sound-related business. They developed, imported, and sold products for music like sound generators, CDs, DVDs, and sound effect libraries. Crypton also licensed software to publishers in video games. Some of which were big titles such as Konami, Sega, Sony Computer Entertainment, Nintendo, and Namco.

Although many people disagree with using technology for editing voices, what is the harm in creating a new one altogether? Even if the voice originally came from a human, they never sang the songs to begin with. Hatsune Miku is always able to deliver her best at every performance no matter what.


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