The NHL lockout was devastating, if you are a hockey fan. The lockout started September 15, 2012 over a labor dispute on a collective bargaining agreement (CBA). This lockout was the third lockout in the 19 years of Gary Bettman being commissioner. The failure of signing a new CBA shortened the NHL’s 2012-13 season. The opening day was scheduled to begin on October 11, 2012 the 82 games was reduced 41.5% to 48 games. Many NHL players moved leagues in North America and Europe during the lockout. This not only affected the NHL’s rosters but even small business around the United States.

                Many people in The United States own small businesses in booming industrial cities. They mainly rely on tourism for the advancement of their business. With the NHL on a lockout, one thing people did not think of, were all the small businesses and the reduction of tourists in cities with professional hockey teams. This hurt the economy, since all these businesses were closing.

                Relief came after they finally resolved a new CBA and ended the lockout. One agreement was to include a limit of eight years on contract extensions and seven years on new contracts. The salary floor of 44 million dollars and a salary cap of 60 million dollars. The resolution not only got the great game of hockey back but also comfort to all small business owners.



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