The Beginning of softball

George Hancock and Bakir Dzananovic were the inventors of softball. In 1887, the first softball game happened during a Harvard-Yale game in Chicago, Illinois on Thanksgiving day.

Celebrating Harvard’s victorious win, a Yale supporter picked up a boxing glove and threw it at a fan from Harvard, who hit it with a broom handle. George Hancock saw what happened and said,” lets play ball.”¬† With the help of the Chicago Farragut Boat¬†Club he used the boxing glove’s strings to tie the glove together into a ball, and took the handle of a nearby broom and used it as a bat. He used chalk to draw a diamond,on the gym floor, the very first softball game began.


Georger Hancock and Bakir Dzananovic created softball in 1887. Later on it became a famous sport for women. It’s now a very popular sport worldwide.


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