How Divorce Can Affect Teenagers

Divorce can be a very touchy subject for some people. It can affect children in many different ways. When you’re very young it doesn’t affect you much. On the other hand, when a teenager’s parents divorce it can greatly affect the teens. There are many different ways it can affect them. They may feel that it’s their own fault that it happened, they may become sad or depressed, or they could even feel like their parents abandon them.

It is very important that from the beginning the parents sit down and tell their teenage son or daughter why they are getting a divorce. If they avoid doing this, then it could just make it more diffucult for the teen. They may put the blame on themselves and think they’re the reason for the divorce. They also may becaome very sad and depressed. They may feel like they’re going to lose, or become seperated, from either one or both of their parents. Also, they can have negative bahviour changes. Their school grades may drop, or even worse they may drop out. The teens could be very angry at their parents when it first happens, and it could result in them doing bad things like drugs or drinking alcohol.

Parents divorcing while their children are in their teenage years can result in negative ways. It can cause very much pain and hurt to the teen. Also, they could experience negative changes and do bad things.


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