Forrest Rockets blow past Huntland Hornets

On February 8, 2013 the crowd cheered as the Lady rockets and the Huntland Hornets tipped off on a every intense game. Both teams knew it was win or go home for good kind of game. Each team had seniors that was not wanting to end on very rocky season. The Rockets and Hornets had both beat numerous teams with talent, and also lost to teams, or almost lost to teams, with very low talent levels. Predictions from Huntland’s community intensified the game by making multiple post on social medias  about how “it wasn’t going to be their last game” or how “it was going to be a massive upset in the Chapel Hill community”. With the post and comments made it only fueled the fire that ended up consuming the Huntland Hornets.savvy

Straight from the tip the Rockets made the Hornets pay.  “We came out with some really good intensity and we played loose, even though it was a go home game,” said Forrest head coach Jeremy Jean. “We did a good job early and kept them from scoring for a while and once we got running we able to score and the more we got running, the more we were able to score, because we all know about their inside game.” The Rockets prepared themselves  for a every rough and aggressive game, both inside the paint and on the three-point line. The Hornets are very talented team  in making you pay if you leave them open for a three or a simple trash bucket put back.

In the end the rockets ended on a very successful note. The final score of the game was 57-34 victory over the Huntland Hornets. The Rockets will continue  on through the District and also through first round of the Region.


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