The Cons of Social Networking

Social media is very imprtant to this generation. Most everybody has a Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, etc. People get on these sites to see pictures, talk to family or friends, or just to see what everyone is up to. Little do they know, social networking can also be a bad thing. There are many different reasons for this.

One reason social networking can be bad is people cyber bullying. Cyber-bullying is when a person gets on a social device or network and strikes at a person with innapropriate or rude comments, pictures, or anything related. People usually go to cyber bullying because they can hide themselves and keep their identity a secret. They could make a fake account or find somehow to send texts or calls from an anonymous number. They could easily hurt someone and that person may never find out who it was. Sometimes people will just cyber-bully staright from their own profile or phone number and not care what the out come is. If anyone knows that someone is cyber-bullying then they should deinitely tell someone or report the person from the social network they are using.

The Always Up-to-Date Guide to Managing Your Facebook PrivacyAnother big concern for social media is privacy. When people first make their profiles for a website they usually put all of their infromation on the profile. Sometimes they do not realize that if they don’t pick a specific privacy setting, anyone who wanted to find them and see their info could. Teenagers are usually the ones who put all of their information on social networks without knowing the dangers. They don’t realize that anyone who wanted could see their information and do anything they wanted with it. Also, privacy could be an issue for adults who have jobs. Most people who have jobs won’t do this, but some people aren’t very smart and post inappropriate things on their profiles that have no privacy, which means if their boss wanted to they could go look at the things they post. This could cost them their job. Therefore, privacy is a big issue when it comes to social media.

Altogether, soocial networking can be bad in many different ways. Most people who do not want their personal information shared stay away from these social sites. Most people do have social profiles, though. Those that do should be extra careful and be sure they take all precautions.


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