The Art of Relationships

One of the inevitable aspects of life that every human being comes into contact with at one point or another in their lives is the scary and usually confusing subject of relationships. Relationships (the emotional or physical connection between two or more people) are not something to be held lightly and/or without care because whether we admit it or not, we all want nothing more than to be happy. To be happy is one thing, but to stay happy with someone for months, years, or possibly the rest of your life, that takes a lot of hard work, determination, time, and love. So, specifically what this is important for is to hopefully display how to keep that one person you love and ultimately, how to be happy together.
The things you must do to keep that relationship alive and that spark going are to consider these vital tips:

1.) Be Honest- there is nothing like honesty to keep negative actions or thoughts from coming between one another
2.) Be there- there is nothing like knowing someone is always there when you need them; we all need this from someone
3.) Eliminate influences- be strong enough yourself and encourage your partner to be your true self and stop listening to and/or letting others influence what you do or say
4.) Respect- you must respect one another; without respect, the relationship is worthless
5.) Communication- without constant and frequent communication, doubt will raise among one or both of you and worry or fear will begin to make a breakup possible; you must know what the other is feeling and/or if they are happy
6.) Fight- Yes, you need to argue. Couples that say they don’t argue are either lying or are not seriously interested in the relationship; fighting will help in knowing how the other feels about certain topics
7.) Forgiving- You must know when to forgive and how to be open-minded and considerate in your relationship…everyone makes mistakes, its the forgiving that’s the hard part
8.) Trust- finally, as we all know, trust is the key to all good relationships. You must trust your partner based on his/her psychological characteristics and behavior, not his/her previous mistakes or faults!!

You could keep counting the ways to make a relationship stronger and more dependable, but if you follow these basic steps, your relationship will stop determining you and you will start determining your relationship.


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