Body Modification

Corset piercings - a new summer trend?Dating back to the 1990s, cutting oneself and depression became fashionable. It seemed then and occasionally seems now to be the hottest trend, where people have gone to extraordinary levels to bare the pain in an attempt to look unique. The newest body modification is the corset piercing where a row of metal studs are inserted into the skin, and a ribbon is drawn through them to produce a corset effect.

People use body modifications to look unique and to stand out. They also use it as a form of social status. The Padaung women of the Kayan people wear rings around their necks to bring their shoulders down which makes their necks look longer. If they were to remove the rings, their necks would snap and they would die because they wouldn’t have enough neck muscle to hold up their heads.

File_Kayan_woman_with_neck_rings 200px-Kayan_woman_with_neck_rings

We may see wearing the rings as weird or strange, but they may look at us differently for getting tattoos. Many people get tattoos for spiritual reasons while others get them to stand out from everyone else and to look unique. Some people go to the extreme and alter themselves completely with full body tattoos.


Everyone is different and they have different ideas of what they believe is fashionable. Whether you get a corset piercing, wear a neck ring, or get a tattoo, fashion-ability depends on the perception of the individual.


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