2012’s banned words.

Everyone has a word/words they want to quit hearing about forever. Well, every year,  Lake Superior State University sits down and decides on a set of words they want to kill at the end of each year. Here’s this years words:    

  • Fiscal Cliff – that dreaded word that we know nothing about, yet we were still worried about.
  • kick the can down the road –  a rarely heard of term used to talk about the government slacking on their job, or not getting anything done.
  • double  down –  used as a verb to replace ‘repeat’. Once again, used in politics.
  • job creation/creators –  gives people the sense that certain people can magically pull jobs out of thin air and fix the economy.
  • passion/ passionate –  used in the sense of enthusiasm, yet really means intense love of something, which is often not found in the talk of jobs, in which this term is mostly used.
  • y.o.l.o.- yes, this word is gone! often used as an excuse by teens to do stupid things.
  • spoiler alert –  most of the time, used to make people excited for  useless information, yet it never really spoils anything.
  • bucket list –  a list of things you want to do before you die, making life seem very short.
  • trending- made popular by twitter, now used to explain something that has gained major notice. Like silly cat videos and random fashions that are over within a week.
  • super foods –  used to coin foods as magical  with amazing healing properties, even if there’s no health benefits.
  • boneless wings –  really, their just over-sized chicken nuggets coated in sauce, nothing special enough to give them its own word.
  • guru –  used to describe anyone who is a professional in their field of work, but really means a wise spiritual leader.

Now, these words probably wont be gone from the human language any time soon, but maybe reading this will make you think twice about your word choices from now on.


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