A Misconception About Cheerleading

Even though some people do not consider cheerleading a sport, it is an activity that takes up a lot of time and hard work. Cheerleaders have to be extremely dedicated and hard-working. Many people have misconceptions about cheerleading, and think that there is hardly any work involved.

People see cheerleaders do cheers, dances, and stunts and think that it all looks so simple. Well, it may look easy, but if people were to see all the hard work and dedication put into it, they would have a totally different mind-set about cheering being easy. For example, when our squad stunts we have to do which ever stunt we’re working on over and over again until we all get it right. We all have to work hard together as a team and make sure we’re doing our part and putting in as much effort as we can. Stunting is probably the hardest thing about cheerleading, because you’re holding another human in the air and you’re responsible for making sure that person never touches the ground. This is why you have to do your job and make sure you work hard with the other people working with you. This is just one of the many things us cheerleaders have to work very hard at and give it our all. Next time you go to any kind of sport event that includes cheerleaders and you see them doing something that looks easy, keep in mind all the work they put in to it that no one notices.


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